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On the theme Of Terminator


Starman Jr.
Well I guess war loving robots bent on killing humans isn't that fare away according to an article at Article
"MSNBC says that the Pentagon has OKed robo-war research. The Pentagon has approved nearly $15 billion to build and test a lethal robot fighting force. This may be stating the obvious, but the war of the future will be a robo-war. The Army will make another decision in 2008 to decide if they want to spend billions more. These robots include anything from New Nanotech accessorized uniforms for soldiers to surveillance drones to lethal 4 wheeled hunter killer mules to Nano-bot killers. In addition, the battlefield of tomorrow may include Nano "bugs" which are tiny sensors like smart dust laid all over the battlefield to give soldiers enemy position information real time. Actually the Government expects to Spend even more billions on the new robo-military to take us to the next level of robo-war. So when we watch a robot wars show on TV it may be the real thing! "
Might be a little off then a 6ft killing machine with a free will coming to enslave the human race but they must go in baby steps.
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Starman DX
They better get em fast, cause Japan is gonna have giant transforming mechs pretty soon!
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Starman Super
Nice to know there'll be a job waiting for me once I become a mechatronics engineer.
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