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Amazing Commercial


Starman Super
This was awesome...apparently it took 606 tries to get it the way, the link button wasn't working so this is why I included the hyperlink...
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Starman DX
WOAH!! I mean, I can't help but think that the whole thing must've been helped along with an incline of some sort (the tires, and the muffler move a little farther than they should) but AMAZING. It's funny how they say "don't you just love it when things just... work" even after it taking 606 tries :P

Oh, and notice the windshield wipers, I didn't get it til the second or third go through, they turn on when it gets wet! Amazing.
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Starman DX
Yup, that's a pretty amazing commercial.
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Starman Jr.
fantastic commerical but I've read on many sites that claim Honda stole the idea


Starman Super
We won't get to see it.

Unfortunate, but they're probably right...
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