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They're doing it again :/


Starman Super
But this time I was there in the thread and the issue was to make fun of my name, not pronounce it correctly...

Patron May 12th 2:27 PM
moik sounds like the name of a disfiguring disease hehe (oh no, I've got the moik!)

Member May 12th 2:28 PM
Moik is "mIRC" with a thick Brooklyn accent.

Yo! Vinny! Get on 'Moik'!
Hyper-advanced aliens might not have to send their interstellar battle fleet to conquer Earth, it might only take three bored undergraduate aliens with borrowed lab equipment.


Starman Super
Haha, Man, you know your Popular on the internet when people start making threads discussing your name.

"And the Prize for Internet Celebrity goes to.... I can't believe this... MOIK!!!"
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