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The best stuff of 2019


Starman DX
I'm bored, and we haven't had one of these things since 2016 apparently. So I'm gonna start putting some lists together. Maybe I'll even do some "best of the decade" stuff, but that'd take a lot of work.

I'll start easy and do my top 5 albums of the year. (Spotify pretty much already put this together.)

• Pete Yorn - Caretakers
• Dwellings - Lavender Town
• Local Natives - Violet Street
• AndrĂ©s - Once Upon a Time in Bakersfield
• Jimmy Eat World - Surviving

And there's gotta be a few honourable mentions in here. These albums were great and I listened to them a ton, but maybe won't go back to them as much as the ones above.

• Snow Patrol - Reworked
• Hobo Johnson - The Fall of Hobo Johnson
• Bring Me The Horizon - amo
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