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It's back!
 05/22/12 11:04 am

Starman Super
Anyone that attended Holland College with myself and sevex and gukid would remember the days wasted splattering humans (playing Carmageddon) in the abandoned lab where nobody could be found.

Well it's making a comeback!

Carmageddon Reincarnation

I'm gonna pitch 50 bucks to this and get 2 copies. Anyone else in?
 05/22/12 1:34 pm

Starman DX
Hah, never imagined this game would come back.

If I hadn't already sworn off Kickstarter then I might have gone for this one, but I'll probably just grab it at release.

From the looks of it they'll have no problem exceeding their funding goal by the end of the day anyway.

(Also, those days weren't wasted!)

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