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When Landlords attack (Pages: 1 · 2)
Well I'm going to be moving and the reason why is rather funny but very flustrating. I ga...
12 01/24/03 10:17 am
by Chaotic-Realms
02/3/03 5:30 pm
by Chaotic-Realms
I found out (Pages: 1 · 2)
what the model of that cop car here in miramichi is. That impounded one that's a muscle ca...
15 01/16/03 5:42 pm
by Moik
02/1/03 4:08 pm
by Marteau
Dunno if you guys know
But the group that did the Mario Twins thing (shiggitty shiggitty shwa!) Is apparently cal...
1 01/31/03 10:56 am
by Moik
01/31/03 1:00 pm
by sevex
General interest (Shurikens)
This page goes in depth on everything about the utilization of shurikens and other throw o...
3 01/29/03 6:20 pm
by Moik
01/30/03 1:27 pm
by sevex
Happy Birthday Tyler!
Happy Birthday Tyler. Ok.. Everyone pitch in ideas to get Tyler for his birthday. A dict...
9 01/25/03 2:19 am
by Atomsk
01/29/03 10:34 am
by Andrew
Blizzard Announces Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne!
This is the best post-christmas present ever! I still play a few multi games almost every...
9 01/22/03 2:53 pm
by gukid
01/25/03 2:27 am
by sevex
RIAA Legally allowed to attack yer Systeme?
Iím sure people have heard of this already, but seeing as Iím me here goes anyways like it...
8 01/23/03 6:52 pm
by Dark-Fear
01/24/03 5:06 pm
by Atomsk
Retro Games Quiz (Pages: 1 · 2)
I found this challenging, I just wish you didn't have to email the guy for answers. Play i...
10 01/18/03 12:57 am
by Dalton
01/23/03 3:57 am
by Prax
MacHall Webcomic
I showed Joey this the other night, I've been looking at their stuff for some time now and...
5 01/21/03 2:54 am
by Atomsk
01/22/03 11:01 pm
by Atomsk
Happy Birthday Andrew! And Something for Chrono.
Happy Birthday Andrew! Oh.. And heres something for Chrono. Lavos.
4 01/22/03 12:10 am
by Atomsk
01/22/03 7:09 pm
by Atomsk
I love living in Miramichi!! (Pages: 1 · 2)
Ok not 2 minutes ago I had a very intoxicated old lady burst into my house and yell "WHERE...
13 01/2/03 11:11 pm
by Chaotic-Realms
01/20/03 1:10 pm
by Atomsk
<Suikoden3Break> Icon's Story Enjoy! </Suikoden3Break>
2 01/19/03 8:14 pm
by Gatsu
01/20/03 1:37 am
by Atomsk
Gameboy Advance 2003 Lineup
Nintendo recently released the list of 2003 Gameboy Advance titles, and I thought some of...
5 01/16/03 12:21 pm
by sevex
01/19/03 2:08 am
by Chichester
Insanely funny
Somebody just emailed me this. *chuckles* Gotta love it. Future Novelists... These are a...
0 01/17/03 5:32 pm
by Moik
01/17/03 5:32 pm
by Moik
Happy Birthday to Us! (Pages: 1 · 2)
I'm proud to announce that today, January 15, marks the third anniversary of this site! E...
13 01/15/03 12:00 pm
by sevex
01/17/03 4:23 pm
by Marteau
A challenge for those who know me (long game)
There's this thread on another board where players try to think up rare item for the admin...
2 01/17/03 1:47 pm
by Moik
01/17/03 1:54 pm
by Moik
Quest for Steve (Pages: 1 · 2)
A person in TDZK is pretending to be this chick. Think you can match her up to a cam whor...
10 01/15/03 5:42 pm
by Moik
01/16/03 12:54 pm
by Moik
Webcomic (Pages: 1 · 2)
Ok, we need ideas and drawings for a webcomic. We really gotta do something we could kick...
19 01/13/03 11:30 pm
by Marteau
01/16/03 10:20 am
by Moik
Bear in mind
Telstar Member Jan 14th 8:49 PM Diocletian, if it weren't for you, everyone else might h...
0 01/16/03 9:57 am
by Moik
01/16/03 9:57 am
by Moik
Gamer Steroids ..for all those Late night CS games :)
Was surfing the web and came across this site. Wow, I wonder what they will think of next...
7 01/11/03 7:17 pm
by Dark-Fear
01/14/03 12:58 am
by Atomsk
Something's wrong with me
for finding this funny
3 01/10/03 7:15 pm
by Moik
01/10/03 10:16 pm
by Moik
Stuff needed from adam
Something called either 50questions.txt or 52, or 54, I forget. And something called piss...
4 01/6/03 4:51 pm
by Moik
01/10/03 4:06 pm
by Dark-Fear
Best Nintendo Article Ever
I found the greatest Nintendo article ever written while spending my daily allowance of...
2 01/9/03 12:56 pm
by sevex
01/9/03 4:53 pm
by gukid
Barelaked Nadies
The new BNL DVD is awesome...the commentary is very funny....and the live stuff isn't bad...
2 01/8/03 12:56 am
by Barrett
01/8/03 6:18 pm
by Marteau
The new gba looks like crap (Pages: 1 · 2)
I guess it wasn't a complete hoax... There's no new processor or buttons or anything, but...
14 01/7/03 11:19 am
by Gatsu
01/8/03 5:19 pm
by sevex
Why no games like they used to make them.
Is it just me.. Or when games first game out.. Compared to now.. Were they better? Like...
4 01/7/03 8:05 pm
by Atomsk
01/8/03 12:54 am
by sevex
Well since noone else usually does anything for birthday's around here, i am, wed night t...
8 01/6/03 4:49 pm
by Marteau
01/7/03 2:57 am
by gukid
OMFGOMFGOMFGROFLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL The fact that aliens have NOT contacted us is proof that t...
5 01/3/03 1:28 pm
by Moik
01/5/03 6:08 pm
by Atomsk